Samsung Frame 65 Inch LS03B 4K HDR Smart QLED TV

samsung frame 65 inch

Art Mode.

When the samsung frame 65 inch is not in use, The Frame transforms into a showcase for your art collection, all thanks to its built-in motion sensor. Display your personal photos and artwork or choose from a curated selection in Samsung’s Art Store.

Anti-reflection with Matte Display.

Enhance your screen visibility significantly, day or night, with minimal light reflection. The Anti-Reflection technology and the Matte Display Film premium finish work together to minimize light distractions on your screen, reducing glare effects. Bid farewell to washout, and witness the clarity, color, and contrast of your TV shining through without hindrance.

Slim-fit wall mount included.

Achieve a lifelike appearance by mounting The Frame seamlessly against the wall using the Slim Fit Wall-Mount, included with your purchase. Furthermore, reduce cable clutter to a minimum with just One Invisible Connection cable that connects to the Slim One Connect box, ensuring all attention remains focused on the actual display.

QLED 4K TV with 100% Color Volume

Experience a stunning picture with Quantum Dot technology, which converts light into vibrant colors that remain true, maintaining bold details even as the scene becomes brighter.

Customizable Bezel and Modern Frame Design

Regardless of your aesthetic preferences, mood, or the occasion, select from the Modern or Beveled bezel options available in seven different colors. The magnetic bezel is effortlessly attachable, simplifying design updates.

Notably, 2021 bezels are compatible with both 2021 and 2022 models. Resembling a modern picture frame, The Frame is intentionally minimal in style, featuring a slim and sleek design with a monochromatic back for seamless integration. Personalize it further by choosing different bezel styles to make it uniquely yours.

Samsung Frame 65 Inch LS03B 4K HDR Smart QLED TV is available at Tabarak Electronics in Nairobi Kenya at the price of 229,999 Kenyan Shillings. It can be paired with this powerful samsung soundbar to provide a cinematic experience of sound and display. For more offers on electronics and appliances, check out tabarak electronics instagram page.


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