V82D High Power Audio System with BLUETOOTH

Fill your party with big 360° sound and clear vocals

Get all your partygoers dancing and singing along to their favourite tracks, from wherever they are in the venue. Thanks to 360° SOUND, long-distance bass sound delivered by the JET BASS BOOSTER, and four mid-range speakers, your gatherings are filled with big powerful sound and direct clear vocals.

Hear it like it’s live

DSP Technology creates that festival vibe by giving your music the realistic ambience of a music festival and live concert.

DSEE logo
Restores detail to digital music

The Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE) restores detail to compressed music files, producing high quality sound that’s closer to the original CD recording.

Light up every corner of the party

With a 360° Party Light and Speaker Light, even large spaces can be filled with red, blue and green party lights and speaker lights for that authentic nightclub or outdoor festival atmosphere.

Experience 360° Party Light

Watch the video to see 360° Party Light in action.

Unleash your inner pop star

Keep everyone entertained – with two mic inputs you and your guests can go head-to-head singing along to your favourite tunes. Alternatively, add a rock and roll layer by connecting a guitar to one of the inputs and using the system as a guitar amp. Enjoy three modes – Clean for a clear sound, Overdrive for a distorted guitar sound and Bass for your bass guitar.

MHC-V82D Gesture Control
Be the DJ with Gesture Control

Skip a track, change up from flanger to WAH, turn up the karaoke mic, control the pitch of the mic and music, or turn up the volume with a vertical or horizontal wave of your hand. Gesture Control lets you control the MHC-V82D’s functions quickly and easily so you can stay right in the heart of the party moment.

Play along to the beat with Taiko Mode

Add your own drumming into the mix with Taiko Mode, and put your rhythm to the test when you play against friends in Taiko Game Mode.

Partygoer using Voice Control via Fiestable app on their smartphone
Voice Control via Fiestable

Change track, turn on the light, flash all the colours just by speaking. Simply select Voice Control via the Fiestable app and speak your command – there are up to 39 commands including music play, lighting and KARAOKE mode.

People enjoying Party Light via the Fiestable app on their smartphones
Party Light via Fiestable

Just tap Party Light via Fiestable app on your smartphone and the phone’s display starts to mirror the sound system’s lighting effects, flashing and changing colour in time with the music.

Party King icon
Be the party king

Share your party status on social media with just one click from the Fiestable app. Then, turn up the music and climb the party people ranks to become the certified Party King.

Run everything from the dancefloor

The Sony | Music Center app lets you control music and sound settings right from your phone. Plus the Fiestable app puts you in charge of the light colours and lets you activate DJ and karaoke modes. Make changes with a flick of your wrist, thanks to intuitive motion control.

Someone using Sony | Music Center app on their smartphone
Google Play logo
Sony | Music Center for Android
App Store logo
Sony | Music Center for iOS
Fiestable for Android
Fiestable for iOS
Movies and TV, now with added drama

Connect the MHC-V82D to your TV and experience your favourite movies, TV and sport in a whole new way.

HDMI logo
HDMI output

With the HDMI (ARC) output you can easily connect the system to your TV. Watch TV and DVDs on your normal screen while enjoying huge sound from the MHC-V82D speakers.

DVD logo
Built-in DVD player

Enjoy the drama in every scene with powerful volume and sound pressure that puts you at the heart of the action. Turn your living room into the theatre and host epic movie nights.

Boost the party with extra speakers

Enjoy more powerful sound by connecting multiple home audio systems via Bluetooth® connection. Connect up to 50 compatible home audio systems and synchronise the music and lighting.

NFC and Bluetooth® logos
Seamless streaming with NFC and Bluetooth®

Simply use NFC One-touch to make a Bluetooth® connection and get streaming instantly.

LDAC™ logo
High-quality Bluetooth® streaming with LDAC™

LDAC™ sends approximately three times more data (at the maximum 990 kbps transfer rate) than conventional Bluetooth® audio for superior wireless listening.

MHC-V82D multi-device connection
Multi-device connection

Using Bluetooth® technology, you and your friends can pair up to three smartphones with the MHC-V82D simultaneously. So you can enjoy tracks from all your music libraries.

MHC-V82D splash-proof panel
Splash-proof control panel for durability

The MHC-V82D’s top surface is splash-proof and easy to clean, so you can keep the party going all night even if you spill a drink. There’s even a Party Lock button which disables all other buttons for 30 seconds, so you can clean up.

Person using tilt and roll to transport the MHC-V82D
Tilt and roll for easy transport

Whenever you want to move the MHC-V82D, just hold the convenient carry handle and tilt it back. A sturdy caster lets you roll all the way to the party.


Bring the fun party experience to a bigger crowd with 360° SOUND and long distance bass sound. Dance and sing along to clear and direct vocals, with pulsing 360° Party light and speaker light and take turns to DJ with horizontal and vertical gesture control or via your smartphone.
  • 360° SOUND and long distance bass sound

  • 360° Party Light and speaker light

  • Gesture control for fun and easy operation

  • Voice control via Fiestable / Party Light via Fiestable

  • Integrated DVD player with HDMI out

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